GDNL Executive (Volunteer)

Executive Director, Gregory Wells: Coordinator of GDNL executive and professional outreach. Representative of game design and narrative disciplines.

Creative Director, Janice Hertel: Manager of GDNL visuals and lead representative of artistic disciplines of game and media design and development.

Technical Director, Simon Babineau: Manager of GDNL website and representative of software and game development across multiple platforms.

Director of Membership, Jason Miller: Manager of GDNL membership (profiles, contact information, event participation, and general moderator of member forums).

GDNL Committee Members (Volunteer)

Our Committee Members are representatives of different disciplines involved in interactive media development. They are the voice and expertise of their particular industries and practices.

Randy Billard: Representative of simulation technology and practices, and liaison to related industry.

Courtney St. George: Representative of computer science, computer engineering, and programming for games and interactive media.

Wade Pinhorn: Representative of music performance and production, and liaison to related industries.

Scott Hammond: Representative the audio engineering and production, and liaison to related industries.