August Meetup! Featuring: The Tale of the Unlikely Production of Secret Ponchos

Our August meetup will take place at 7:30PM on August 15th at Common Ground, 30 Harvey Road. We’re delighted to welcome Darren Esau as our feature speaker.

Our Main Feature

This talk is a description of how a group of friends created a game called Secret Ponchos from their basements, despite not really having started in the way that studios are typically founded (e.g. with at least one programmer and a plan to create an actual game).

Our Speaker

Darren Esau is a programmer and co-founder of Switchblade Monkeys, which created Secret Ponchos for PC and PS4. He previously worked at Radical Entertainment, Hothead Games, and Virtual Marine Technology. He’s originally from Vancouver, and moved to St. John’s in 2009. He has two young daughters and looks forward to the day when they’re old enough that he can tell his wife that he’s buying the latest game release “for the kids.”


If you’d like to book a 2-minute Appetizer slot to talk about a topic of interest before the main meetup, please fill out the form below: