Scott Hammond

A veteran with over 20 years of professional experience, Scott has worked, to some extent, in every facet of audio production: from music production (specializing as a music mixer) to documentaries, film, television, animations, broadcast, games, live sound, advertising and more.

He is owner and operator of The Blue Room, a professional mixing suite, where we works with many of the province’s incredible musical artists. He is the instructor of Sound Recording & Production at the College of the North Atlantic, and leads his students through the detailed processes of audio engineering, production, and many other facets of recording and performance.

Scott not only brings a wealth of knowledge and skills to sonically beautify any project, but a desire to enhance and amplify every emotion to the end user. His passion for sound and commitment to excellence is unwavering as displayed by award nominations and wins, literally in the hundreds. This passion is also shown in his talent as a musician.

He is excited to be a part of the GDNL team and looks forward to contributing to the growing community of interactive media developers in the province!