Benefits of membership:

GDNL is a constantly growing not-for-profit group, and the benefits of membership will continue to evolve. Currently, membership will help connect you to the rest of the interactive digital media community in NL; assist in growing your list of related contacts; invites to local events, socials and workshops; provide a system of communal knowledge and support; and increased opportunities for exposure of your talent, brand, or product.

At this point, there is no membership fee to join GDNL, however participants must meet the following criteria:

  1. 18 years of age and older. If you are younger and interested in game design and development, we highly recommend you contact our good friends at Sassy Tuna! They are an incredible resource for our next generation of developers.
  2. Participant is originally from, or currently living in Newfoundland or Labrador.
  3. Generally active in the field of digital media and/or game development such as ed-tech, simulation, etc. Includes studying, working, and/or practicing one or more of the related disciplines involved in the process of making interactive digital media.
  4. Participant supports the unification and growth of this industry in our province.
  5. The participate is willing to contribute to the GDNL initiative. This may mean volunteering at events, and/or participating in activities and socials, and/or engaging in online discussions, etc. Our members should be active in this community for the betterment of GDNL as a whole, and increase potential opportunities for the individual member.

What we are:

  • We are a group of content creators and developers of games and interactive digital media.
  • We are a supportive, nonprofit community that unites and motivates the current and potential interactive media development workforce. Our members are the product.
  • We help inspire industry opportunities and assist in bringing industry and our membership together.

What we are not:

  • We aren’t just fans of games. If you are looking for game fandom and joining a community of “gamers’ we recommend you reach out to our friends at Sandbox Gaming!
  • We are not a company. GDNL does not make game or interactive media products.
  • We are not an employment agency and do not guarantee employment or success.

How do I join GDNL?

Simply fill out the Membership Form.

Posting your profile to our Directory is not instant. It may take a little time for your entry to be reviewed and released.

Please Note: By joining GDNL, you agree to our Privacy Policy.