Kevin Field

Being a Student of the Video Game Art and Design course at CNA, we learned many disciplines on how to create games from the starting foundations. These areas included Game and Level Design, Art and Animation, game theory, 2D and 3D games, writing and game design documents. This helped us to create and build layers that we could then build upon to create 2D and 3D levels and games, and play test them with fellow students and friends for feedback and iteration. Skillsets include being proficient with applications used in games such as Unreal Engine 4, documentation, Maya, Photoshop, and GameMaker to name a few. The skillsets that I have taken away from the course can help me to become an asset to the Video Game industry here in Newfoundland and beyond, and is something that I am very passionate about.

Area of Expertise:

Game & Level Design

Other Disciplines:

Student, Information Technology