Dean Foley

Hello everyone, my name is Dean Joseph Foley. I am a new and upcoming artist within this ever expanding world of game developers. Due to my education, I have become quite the “Jack of all trades” when it comes to game development, however, I usually lean towards the function of a game rather than its form. Meaning that I would usually focus more of my time into the overall Level layout and mechanics, essentially giving each section of a level a “reason” for exploring, whether it be for pickups, new abilities or “plot reasons”. I personally find that the aesthetics of a game can be updated and modified long after the fact, however you need that players emotional investment and engaging gameplay in order to carry your players through to the end of your game. In short, I’m an upstart game and level designer which in time, wishes to innovate and further cultivate the way people look at video games and their use in our daily lives.

Area of Expertise:

Game & Level Design

Other Disciplines:

Game & Level Design, Audio, QA & Playtesting, Writer, Student