Bryant White

I am a Business Development Manager with Bluedrop Performance Learning in St. John’s, NL. I work in the office here primarily in a sales, business development, corporate strategy role. As part of my role here I also assist in the development of UX/UI and product development for the SkillsPass platform.

While I am not a dev myself, my background is in Applied Physics and Mathematics at Memorial so I am familiar with the basics and challenges associated with programming & development of software.

My expertise would be specifically in sales & marketing. I’m evolving more into digital media & the SoMe promotion side of the business in conjunction with my belly-belly sales experience.

Beyond that I am a huge fan of gaming whether it be AAA titles or indie-retro gaming. I would love the opportunity to help or contribute to the community.

Area of Expertise:

Sales/Business Development

Primary Discipline:

Marketing, sales and promotion

Other Disciplines:

Business Development, Marketing