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Member Area of Expertise
Adam Power QA & Playtesting
Alex Harding Art & Animation, Game & Level Design, Writer, Student
Angie Sutherland Programming / Art & Animation
Brandon Penney Audio
Bryant White Sales/Business Development
Bryant White Business Development
Caleb Pinsent Student
Chris Parsons Game & Level Design
Cody O’Quinn Audio
Curtis Paquette Game & Level Design
Daniel Carey Game & Level Design
Darren Esau Programming
Dean Foley Game & Level Design
Emily Houlihan Game & Level Design
Gordon Little Programming
Grace Blagdon Game & Level Design
Gregory Wells Business Owner
Ian Donovan Game & Level Design
James Cann Software Development
Janice Hertel Artist
Jason B. Miller Game & Level Design
Jeremy Hollett Programming
Joel Hudson Art & Animation
Joel Quinton Game & Level Design
Jon Lambe Art & Animation
Jordon Walters Artist
Joshua Lane Game and level Design
Julia Cumby Art & Animation
Julie Lewis Business
Kathryn Brophy Art & Animation
Keely Whelan
Kevin Field Game & Level Design
Kody McGrath QA & Playtesting
Lillani Gardner Programming
Mackenzie Earle Game & Level Design
Malik Rahey Programming
Matthew Garrett Game and Level Design
Michael Moggy Game & Level Design
Mike Burton Programming
Mireille Kilgore Game & Level Design
Nicholas Mugford Audio
Nicholas Quigley Art & Animation
Pete Soucy Producer
Philip Barton Audio
Robert Frampton Art & Animation
Rose Tobin Art & Animation
Ryan Kelly Writer
Simon Babineau Game & Level Design
Zach Cantwell Programming

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