Gregory Wells

Executive Director

Greg is an innovative creative designer of multiple artistic disciplines with numerous published works in creative media, specifically in the field of video game development. He is an accomplished musician and recording artist, with sound design experience in sound effects, dialogue, and music development for companies and publishers such as as Other Ocean, Storm8, Disney, CBS, and Ubisoft.

He is co-owner of Heartwell Media, an independent developer of games and interactive media, currently working on narrative-based cinematic and virtual reality experiences. Greg is also a core instructor of Video Game Art & Design at the College of the North Atlantic, specializing in Game & Level Design, Audio Design, and Storytelling for Games courses. He also teaches the Unity and Unreal 4 game engines, and various other software for game and media development.

Having earned a Bachelor of Creating Writing and English, a Bachelor of Education, and a diploma of Video Game Design, he is now pursuing his Master’s of Education. His extensive experience from a previous career in the field of construction, including roles as foreman of high-rise buildings across Ontario, he now applies to the detailed level design practices of game development.

Greg’s writing and game design preferences are diverse and cross genres as he aims to introduce new and unique experiences. Whether he is creating music, narratives, or games, his passion for deep character development, rich environments, and the occasional plot twist will provide an entertaining escape.